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Robert (Roch) Ferguson


1904 - 1983            1908 - 1994

My Maternal Grandparents.

Robert Ferguson was born at 7:45 AM on 4th August 1904, at the family home in Lumms Lane, Shettleston. Father was Robert Ferguson mother was Rosie Ferguson (MS Downie), and birth was reported by the father. (Source: 1904 Register of Births Area Shettleston Entry 128).

Mary Theresa Reilly Gilmartin was born at 5 Am on 1st April 1908 at the family home of 11 Todd Street, Glasgow. father John Gilmartin Ships Rigger, Mother Catherine Gilmartin MS Reilly. Birth was registered by father. (Source: 1908 Register of Births Area Clamachie Entry 639). She was baptised on 12 April 1904 at St. Michael's RC Church, Parkhead, Glasgow, and thereafter along with her family moved to Dundalk, Ireland.

The marriage certificate for Robert and Mary reads as follows:

On the 31st December 1926 at St. Thomas' Church, Glasgow Robert Roch Ferguson Slater & Plasterer (journeyman) age 22 of 8 Blackhill Locks, Glasgow, Father Robert Ferguson Railway Surfaceman (Deceased) Mother Rose Ferguson MS Downie (Deceased) married Mary Teresa Gilmartin Pianoforte Warehouse Assistant age 18 of 34 Duchray Street, Glasgow Father John Gilmartin, Gramaphone Mechanic, Mother Catherine Gilmartin MS Reilly. (Source: 1927 Register of Marriages Area Shettleston Entry 8).

Children of the Marriage

  • Catherine Elizabeth Hampson
  • Robert Ferguson
  • Maria Rose Ferguson
  • Thomas Michael Ferguson
  • Margaret Ferguson Born 3 February 1931 Died 11th February 2008
  • John Ferguson Born 5 March 1933 Died May 2006
  • Charles Ferguson
  • Esther Celia Ferguson
  • Matthew Francis Ferguson
  • Aileen Ferguson Born
  • All survived to adulthood, and all married and have their own family. As these members of my family are still living no family pages have been created.

    Robert Ferguson died at the age of 78 on 18 January 1983 at 14:25 hours, Drumshoreland Hospital, Kirkliston, West Lothian. Cause of death was Bronchopneumonia and Chronic Bronchitis. (Source: 1983 Death Register Area 702 Entry 3). He was survived by Mary who died at the age of 85 years 11 months, on 11th February 1996 at St. Johns of Howden Hospital, Livingston, West Lothian. (Source: Copy of Registration of Death held by author). Both Grand parents are still sorely missed

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