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Hampsons of Lanark


My research to date has revealed that the earliest recorded occurrence for the name HAMPSON in Scotland was in 1700 - when a marriage took place in Tollcross, Edinburgh, Scotland. The next occurrence was in 1760 again a marriage in Edinburgh. Despite a lengthy search at the General Records Office, Edinburgh, for the name Hampson I failed to discover any records referring to Hampson or derivatives between the years 1760 to 1856 . However, I discovered a birth recorded in December 1856 of the Birth of Henry Hampson. I little realised that it was to be a major link in a chain of research. This birth record turned out to be of great assistance as it lead me to the extended family of Henry and Jean Hampson

Henry’s mother was Agnes Hampson (Nee Mitchell) and his father Andrew Hampson, who at that time was a Corporal in the Sherwood Foresters, a regiment in the British Army I knew from my father that his father was Mark Alfred King Hampson, and his mother was Mary Bridget Hampson (Nee Edgerton). Mark's father was Peter Hampson and his mother was Emily Hampson (Nee King). From Peter's Death registration in 1903 I discovered his parents were Henry Andrew Hampson and Jean Verbenia Hampson (McIndoe). So why was the registration of the birth of Henry Hampson so important, as I perused the record I realised that the link was in the relationship of Henry’s Father to my Great Grandfather Peter Hampson. This lead me to a link in the IGI and to my Great Great Grandparents

Recorded in the IGI as a submission LDS on the addendum film #1985685 consisting of:

  • HAMPSON Henry Andrew born about 1808 Hamilton, LKS > no Parents listed)
  • HAMPSON Henry Andrew mar MCINDOE Jean Verbenia About 1826 SCT
  • Children :

  • Henry Andrew Hampson Recent research has shown that throughout his life he was known as Andrew. born 1827 SCT
  • Peter Hampson born about 1836 Mauchline AYR
  • Ann Hampson born 1839 SCT
  • Jean/Jane Hampson born 1843 SCT
  • Robert Hampson born 1844 Mauchline AYR
  • William Hampson born 1846 Camlachie LKS
  • Frank/Francis Hampson born 1849 Camlachie LKS
  • Henry Hampson born 1851 Camlachie LKS
  • Agnes Hampson born 1853 Camlachie LKS
  • Margaret Hampson born 1855 Camlachie LKS
  • Henry Joseph Hampson born 7th December 1856 Glasgow
  • These were all on the same film #1985685, unfortunately there were no batch & sheet numbers listed but seemed to be entered in 1994 & 1995

    Research into this family revealed inconsistencies. If Margaret was born in Scotland 1855 a record of her birth would be held by the GRO.  1855 was the year that compulsory registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages was introduced in Scotland. I found a Wedding Certificate for Margaret in which she states her age as 29, the certificate was for a very short marriage to one James McMahon (he died of typhus two weeks later), a further certificate for a second marriage in 1874 Margaret gives her age as 33. Going by this she would have been born about 1840/41.

    The birth registration in 1856 of Henry Hampson gave his mothers name as Agnes Hampson (Nee Mitchell), this would Make Agnes Hampson a relation in law but not a daughter of Henry & Verbenia.  Thanks to Delores Codville, a Great Great Granddaughter of Henry and Jean, I know that there is another member of the family. A son by the name of Andrew Hampson born about 1827, is listed on the 1881 UK Census as residing at 31 St. Mungo Street, Glasgow. Until Delores contacted me I was unaware that this son existed, and as such have not carried out research. However, Delores did forward a copy of research she had commissioned which gives details of Andrew and his family.



    1871 Census

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