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Hugh Ferguson

The start of my mother's family lines lies in Ireland. Hugh Ferguson was born about 1839 in Ireland. This information was obtained from the 1881 Census, as well as details of his family at that time.

The census details are: 1881 Vol. 651-2 Enumerator 4 page 22, location: 3 School Row, New Monkland, Lanark. The family::

  • Hugh Ferguson age 42, Born Ireland, Occupation: Brick Kiln Fireman
  • Easther Ferguson age 40, Born Ireland
  • Sarah Jane Ferguson age 20, Born Ireland, Occupation: Domestic Servant
  • Annie Ferguson age 18, Born Ireland, Occupation: Brick Moulder.
  • William J Ferguson age 16, Born Glasgow, Occupation: Brick tramper.
  • Matthew J Ferguson age 14, Born Ireland, Occupation: Brick Carrier.
  • Alexander Ferguson age 11, Born Ireland, Occupation: Scholar.
  • Hugh Ferguson age 9, Born Ireland, Occupation: Scholar.
  • Maggie Ferguson age 5, Born Glenboig, Lanark, Scotland, Occupation; Scholar.
  • Elizabeth Ferguson age 2, Born Glenboig, Lanark Scotland.
  • Looking at the history contained in this census, it would appear that the family travelled between Ireland and Scotland. Perhaps this may be the reason why it is proving so difficult to trace the birth of my maternal Great Grandfather Robert Ferguson, he may have been born in Ireland in about 1882.

    Living relatives keep mentioning Glenboig, but are reluctant to speak further - a mystery which I shall have to solve if I am to trace what happened to Robert Ferguson.

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