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Hampson Name - Origin

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The English surname HAMPSON is of patronymic origin, and simple means "Son of Hamon", with the letter "p" being intrusive as in the case of Thompson. Records from the 14th and 15th Centuries show that Hamon was a popular choice as a forename. Its diminutives - Hamelot, Hamonet and Hameline surviving into the 18th Century as a Baptismal name, Hamon having lapsed by then into oblivion.

Records from 1379 in Yorkshire include the reference to one Robertus Hameson and in 1354 the Register of the Freeman of the City of York record Robert Hamsane. The Yorkshire Poll Tax Returns refer to a Henry Hampson in 1540.

So far the evidence supports that the name originated in Yorkshire. (and I a Scot too!)



A member of the Yorkshire Hampsons was awarded a coat of arms. Although misconceptions in modern day thinking refers to Family Coat of Arms, there is no such item. Arms awarded to a member of the family pass to the surviving eldest son, then to his son and so on.

The coat of arms consist of:

BLAZON of ARMS: Argent three hempbrakes sable

CREST: Out of a mural crown argent a greyhound's head sable collared of the first, rimmed or.

Translation: The greyhound is symbolic of Courage, Vigilancy, and Loyal Fidelity. The mural crown signifies a defender of a fortress.


MOTTO: Nunc aut nunquam

Translation: Now or never.

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