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Ferguson Name - Origin

My mother's family - direct line is Ferguson, a derivative from Fergusson. The family line contains a mixture of Scots, Irish, Irish-Scot and Scot-Irish. However, as in all families the line tends to blur at places.

Contrary to popular belief there is no such thing as a formal clan. In fact the modern idea of clans, tartans and clan chiefs are all based on Victorian ideas, made popular by Sir Walter Scott. The formal dress that many Scots wear to weddings is based on designs by Sir Walter. Lets face it, its good for Scottish tourism, and is building an idea of unity to the modern Scots.

Having said all that, this researcher has in some ways fallen in with the popular myths, for instance Ferguson Clan (if there be such a thing) does have its own tartan, and also a clan crest.


Coat of Arms




Crest/Cap Badge

Gaelic Name:   MacFhearhuis 
Motto:   Dulcis ex asperis (Sweeter after difficulties) 
Badge:   Little Sunflower 
Lands:   Argyle, Perthshire, Dumfries and Galloway  
Origin of Name:  Gaelic, Fearghas (super choice)

 The name Fergusson sprang to life in many, widely spread parts of Scotland. Ideally the name could be traced back so as to bring the families together to a single ancestral family, but when we consider that the name Fergus in Gaelic means "the angry" and "the bold and proud", we can appreciate that such a descriptive term would have been applied to someone at some time in almost every village.  In fact if you look at the descriptions, The angry, bold and proud, then all Scots are Fergusons <Grin>

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